Construction and validation of credit models

We support our customers in credit risk modeling, within risk departments or dedicated modeling teams.

Our diversified expertise enables us to model credit risk parameters in line with the Basel rules, as well as IFRS 9 parameters.

We support our customers in designing backtesting models and procedures, and in recalibrating scoring and rating models.

We also have expertise in modeling and monitoring all types of score: grant scores, behavioral scores, scores at a Point of Time (PIT) for estimating provisions, collection scores and litigation scores.

Axley Bankers also assists banks in validating their internal models, both quantitatively and qualitatively, thus confirming that the models built are stable, robust and reliable over time.

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Capital Markets & Asset Management

We have contributed to the development of the PE/VC (Private Equity and Venture Capital) industry in Iraq and Côte d’Ivoire through :

We also have expertise in due diligence for investment funds, particularly hedge funds. In this context, we carried out due diligence on various hedge funds, reviewing the investment process, strategy and philosophy.

We also have expertise in the selection of asset managers, implementing tools for: risk management, performance and fee calculation, and so on.

Operational & Technological excellence

We have supported our banking customers in their quest for Operational Excellence:

We also help our customers to digitalize the customer experience, through: the creation of a digital agency; the management of a multi-channel customer journey; the optimization of digital infrastructure security, biometric authentication and the compliance of data security tools, etc.

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Management references

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