Thanks to the experience it has acquired over the years, Axley Bankers is now in a position to resolve the most complex situations faced by financial institutions in an uncertain environment.

Rigorous analysis

We combine a rare combination of expertise in strategy consulting, banking techniques, mathematics and statistics, as well as the classic credit business.


We are a team of bankers and strategic consultants dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions. Axley Bankers specializes in advising banks and financial institutions in emerging markets.

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Years of experience

Customer-focused, Results-driven

Our Profession

Axley Bankers is a consulting firm that supports its customers in a global approach to strategy, risk, operational excellence, digitalization and organization.

We specialize in customized consulting services for the banking sector in emerging markets, with a dedicated team for the African continent.

Our expertise in Banking Risk Management and Financial Strategy is recognized in emerging countries.

Our businesses combine rare expertise in strategy consulting, banking techniques, mathematics and statistics, as well as the classic credit business.

We have expanded our offer to cover the fields of Capital Markets & Asset Management, Operational Excellence & Technological Transformation, not forgetting Corporate Finance.

Axley Bankers is occasionally involved in the “Corporate Finance” business, in the context of optimizing and restructuring the debt of the banks’ clients, as well as the sale of their subsidiaries or holdings.

Le Cabinet
Axley Bankers is an international strategy consulting firm with offices in London, Paris, Prague, Tunis, Dakar, Beirut and Jeddah.

Our mission is to advise and support bank managers in developing growth strategies and reviewing business models.

We operate in 4 sectors: Strategy & Corporate Finance, Risk Management & Credit Analytics, Capital Markets & Asset Management and Operational & Technological Excellence.

Our success is based on our entrepreneurial spirit, our creativity, the relevance of our ideas and our unwavering commitment to professionalism, ethics and customer satisfaction.
Our history
Axley Bankers was founded in Paris in 2010 by a team of senior bankers and strategy and management consultants.

Since its inception, the company has undergone many changes and continues to evolve. Today, our growth is based on three fully synergistic business areas: consulting, technology and advisory & corporate finance.

We offer all our products and services across 3 continents (Africa, the Middle East, Europe, as well as certain Asia-Pacific markets such as Uzbekistan and Thailand).

We are continuing on the path of sustainable, profitable growth by following our Strategy 2025, focused on Markets, Customized Offerings and Alliance Networks.

Axley Bankers now has consultants in 6 countries, working on a daily basis with leading financial institutions in the region.
Our Strategic Partner
True North Partners LLP is an international consulting firm with offices in London, Johannesburg, Frankfurt and Dubai.

True North Partners LLP specializes in finance, risk management and strategy. banking.

True North Partners has extensive global experience and industry recognition in financial services, risk management and finance.

True North Partners' employees have a combined experience of over 260 years in finance, risk management and banking strategy.

Our know-how

Banking Strategy & Corporate Finance

Axley Bankers assists banks with financial and ALM strategy, strategic balance sheet management, strategic planning, new business models and marketing segmentation.

Capital Markets & Asset Management

We provide expert advice to our customers on how to manage their assets effectively: analyzing current practices, assessing financial objectives, creating investment strategies, complying with applicable laws and regulations, and assessing and managing various types of risk.

Risk Management & Credit Analytics

We support banks in all aspects of credit policy, risk appetite, credit process optimization, modeling and model validation, as well as Basel III, ICAAP and Solvency III issues.

Operational & Technological Excellence

We support banks in the fine-tuning of their operating ratios, in the organization and optimization of costs, in the management of major programs and in strategic PMO. Axley Bankers offers banks consulting in Digital Acceleration strategy and technological transformation.

Our Services

Axley Bankers is striving to become a benchmark consultancy in banking strategy and risk management on the African continent in particular and emerging markets in general.

We firmly believe that only an integrated approach to consulting can lead to lasting results.

Our objective is to support our customers in the financial sector in strategic issues related to finance and risk.

Faced with the challenges of digitalization, Axley Bankers supports financial institutions in their digital transformation projects, providing solutions for technological leverage, digital acceleration, IT Transformation and operational process improvement.

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